Clothing Drive: April 28th, Monrovia Liberia

Emmanuel & Liberian Members
Emmanuel & Liberian Members

BIRTHDAY ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!!!!! The Heartbeat of Africa Family would like to wish Treacy M. Wenyu a very happy 6th birthday. We pray that she will have many more special days and that this day is all that she dreams it to be. Happy Birthday Treacy!!!!!!! - News Announcement: The Heartbeat of Africa has received its first donation for the "Let Liberia Smile Again: Clothing Drive". - We would like to thank our latest donor Stacy Wells for donating clothes to the LET LIBERIA SMILE AGAIN CLOTHING DRIVE. THANK YOU MS. WELLS!!!!!!! - Marvina Toweh of Batavia Illinois has donated $50.00 towards the "Let Liberia Smile Again: Clothing Drive". Thank you Mrs. Toweh.

The HeartBeat of Africa would like to inform the public that we will be hosting our first official event. We will be having our: Let Liberia Smile Again clothing drive. The function is scheduled to begin at 11:30am and will continue until 2:30pm on April 28th, 2012. It will be held at The New Georgia Estate Palava Hot. During the event, we will be distributing clothing to 250 candidates that have previously been selected. However, the public is invited to enjoy some great music and cool drinks. We will also take this opportunity to share with the public about the goals and vision of our organization. We hope that all who are able will attend our clothing drive. And we expect that a wonderful time will be had by all. If you would like more information about the event or how you can contribute, you can email this site at:  or you may call the moderator (Emmanuel Wenyu) at: 231880668111.

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